THIS, my friends, is IT!!!

The following dream haunts me nite after nite…

Therefore, I write this posting to establish a verifiable source of my “prediction” for the outcome of the 2012 Presidential “election”–(“election” … a euphemistic reference, for what passes as a democratic process to choose our next President….TOTAL B.S., but hey, it’s what’s happening–despite the assault on our collective logical thinking processes!!)   Also,  I do this because I am NOT betting on me personally being alive to witness yet another fiasco in 2016!!)

Outcome: “Mexicali Mitt” edges past Barry Hussein Obama in total votes cast…However, Barack is declared the ultimate winner–based on the narrowest of “Electoral College” totals…and “The RIGHT” is furious!!

GOP members of Congress refuse to cooperate with their “blue” brethren & sistahs, thus setting in motion,  the greatest GRIDLOCK ever, in both the House and Senate.

The USA is now effectively “stuck in place”, leading starving, frustrated, and hostile hordes, that rely on government assistance to survive, to descend on the nation’s capital , where National Guard troops will try to establish–(thru military suppression)–some semblance of social order. Forced to fire on their fellow citizens, troops leave the ranks, joining dissidents, demanding effective action from Congress and the White House…no agreements continue the deadlock.

So my friends…”save” this file somewhere in your documents….it should be amusing  to remember the rantings of your “crazy friend”.

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I HAVE A REAL BRAIN (& sometimes I use it!!)

(The following text was a frustrated response to Mr Dick Morris–he just has the unfortunate timing of being the “political pundit’ I was reading when I “hit my breaking point”…I am no more disgusted with him, than any other idiot trying to do MY thinking!! The following is what my very own brain came up with regarding “debates” & other musings…)
           Cut the full-blown “crap-a-thon”, Dick! Strip away the metaphors, misleading “promises”, and most of all–the corporate talking head nightly “news” fiascos. What remains is an Illuminati-financed, power-sucking, ruthless shadow government

with a single goal…control of everything. To deny that a small group of very powerful financiers are “pulling ALL the strings”-worldwide, is leading to a coming environment of submission by the masses, cruel domination of everyday citizens– (thru manipulation of our medical, housing, food and water resources), and eventually we WILL succumb, as we desperately cling to memories of “what was”, and what we have squandered!The real choice isn’t Obama or Romney-they are puppets at best, the decision we need to make EVERY DAY is the one where we refuse to surrender any more of our hard-fought rights and freedoms, paid for by those who would settle for nothing less!
I am not going to “spend the evening” with you (Dick Morris) constantly yammering your opinion during the debate. I have a mind of my own, and am intelligent enough to understand what’s behind the lies coming from both candidates (and their puppeteer). I do not want, or need, Dick Morris’ “interpretations’–I will THINK FOR MYSELF!
Maybe the REAL problem today is lazy folks allowing “experts” to “guide them” to “proper thinkin’ “. Is it any wonder we are losing our country? We are CONSTANTLY giving away our most precious right–the RIGHT to THINK FREELY & for ourselves! We ARE running out of precious time and choices about the future of the planet and the world our kids are doomed to dwell in.
                            I am not a sheep-for me, it stops here and NOW!
(PS Anyone wishing to continue this discourse? I’m very reachable on FB).
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I Just Can’t Help but Say SOMETHING!!

I  know. I yak… too often–about too many things. I get that. However, there is a level of  behavior being loosely displayed lately, that prevents my continued silence. Behavior that, not only disgraces the folks doing it, bur reflects a kind of rotting stench on some pretty damn decent Americans.

Love  and respect-that is what I have to offer those who face scary, mind-bending danger daily, to insure my freedom to write this piece. A huge majority of service women and men are among the most honorable people sharing our air! There is an element, representing the U.S. on foreign soil, that is quickly eroding any positive measures gained by the hard workers trying to make a positive difference…

In the past recent months we have seen newspapers–worldwide, displaying ugly images of soldiers relieving themselves on corpses, burning Holy books, and displaying various body parts of the enemy-while posing in the background like some very successful deer hunters!

We, as a nation and individuals, need to ask ourselves….”are these incredible displays of disrespect a true indicator of our current societal values?”  If they are–God can’t save us.

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“Silence”–It’s NOT an Option!

For the majority of you reading this, tonite will loosely follow a decades long behavior pattern. We’ll return to our homes, in pretty nice vehicle, unload some groceries, and begin the evening’s preparation for “the average American’s home life”.

A delicious dinner and the clean-up, then our laptops will open, the big-screen HD TV will spring to life,  and we’ll retreat into the distractions that help us avoid actually involving ourselves in anything that would lower our “pleasure quotient”. As the evening wanes toward bedtime, we’ll let the dog out, turn the heat down to our “comfort” setting, complete the rituals of sleep-time bathroom necessities, and crawl into our cozy, warm,  beds-awaiting the arrival of restful sleep.

On the other side of our planet, a completely different ritual  is taking place. Lights in the home consist of shrouded candles, or, from the flame of a small cooking fire–electricity a dim memory, cut-off weeks ago. The faintest light is a liability-likely to draw the targeting attention of mortar-fire, or the rattle of small-arms fire. Frightened parents do what they can to shelter their vulnerable children and seniors-praying the destruction raining down on their neighborhood, will somehow avoid the fragile sanctuary of their outer walls. Here, there will be no blissful sleep, no uninterrupted dreams, no freedom from the fear that has gripped them for weeks…this is daily life in Homs, Syria.

They worship God in a different fashion, they wear different clothing, the food they will consume will represent what they could glean during a dangerous trip to one of the few remaining markets. With the constant threat of snipers shooting indiscriminately at anything moving, the random mortars fired by their own government troops, make even a trip for fresh water for daily needs a life-threatening exercise. Medical care for the wounded is in the form of a “home visit” (maybe), from one of just a handful of trained doctors and medics left to care for the countless hundreds of wounded. Daily, dozens die because their isn’t medical care anywhere near.The hospitals have long since been leveled by the government tanks and bombs- the very act of even burying dead family members brings the very real threat of assassination by troops loyal to President Assad.  This self-appointed leader, is in reality, a ruthless dictator, maintaining power thru the annihilation of his own citizens that have dared ask for free elections and a “voice” in the future of their country. To do anything short of complete submission to this vicious murderer, is an invitation to an immediate death sentence.

I truly never paid much attention to Syria, or Libya, or Egypt…they all seemed so far away-removed from any importance in my life.  With the dawning of the “Arab Spring” movement, now a year old, I have slowly been drawn into the fascination of watching individual countries rise up-demanding freedom of choice, for all citizens. Their battle has not been dissimilar from the very founding years that built our country-a quest for religious and political choices, the fundamental right to think and act as we see fit-(without causing harm to our fellows)  this is the vision of all oppressed populations, worldwide. They have seen the fruits of freedom, and they desire a fair share! Unreasonable-punishable BY DEATH? I don’t believe so.

My only request from any of you, is this: when you complete your “nightlies”,  just before Mr Sandman arrives-take a precious moment to FEEL the fear and pain of those across that vast sea. Fortunately, we have never known the level of hardship faced by every one of those frightened mothers and fathers, never felt sheer terror from those who should be protecting us, and never buried our children in a hurried dig in the dead of night.

In this “Land of the Free”, I believe a small prayer for our brothers and sisters is not too much to expect. I just could not continue to be silent.



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Seriously, I never believed this post would be possible–what with the fact I was convinced long ago that I’d be dead. Yup, 2 1/2 years ago, I was told that the disease ravaging my lungs would guaranty a dirt nap–in  short order. Ha Ha! Foolie on me!! Obviously, ya just can’t trust doctors.

That said, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the entire “Medical Community” for the past 30 months filled with nightmares around the “death scenario” (how would it happen,  is this “It”, will I live to see another World Series, is this my final meeting with a particular special person, how can I plan for ANYTHING?  etc.).

At this point, you’d imagine I would be filled with gratitude for all this “bonus time”. Hard to explain, but my prevailing thought/emotion instead, is a deep-seated impression of being CHEATED!! Apparently, someone forgot to tell me, in the early going, that my disease is one that could have a 15-20 year duration. If knowledge of that possibility was clearly stated up- front, I would have made some significantly different choices since being diagnosed. Hell, there is a chance, even, that my former girlfriend might not have “bailed” on me (out of fear of watching me slowly wither, suffer, and die!).

On the “gratitude” end, I am thankful for being able to see long-lost friends at my 40th class reunion, to have cherished time with my closest friends, to have experienced a few great recently released movies, to jump with joy, while witnessing some great athletic performances, to have my ears anointed with some of the greatest recordings ever…all of which I would have missed without the extra time I’ve been blessed with.

I am also grateful for my “new” friends and relationships cemented by my recent involvement at Seaside Church, here in Bremerton. These new acquaintances have shown me compassion, and a depth of care– long missing from my life. They have also demonstrated that being a “Christian” is not an empty, meaningless expression of pseudo-faith. Instead, I have been witness to families and individuals that Jesus himself has to be proud of. Their expressions of love have been nothing short of astounding.

My fears tonite, for the coming year, generally aren’t really centered on my still-present health threat. Instead, the trepidation I feel is for our planet, and in particular, for our beloved U S of A. Never before in my life have I known such a deep despair as I survey the economic, ecological, and political landscapes.

We are being systematically destroyed by corporations hell-bent on ignoring Mother Natures warnings in regard to our fragile environment. All I see is a steamroller of “developments” that totaqlly give no regard to the ultimate destruction they are leaving in their wake. Pollution=Profits–and the gentle Earth be damned!

Our so-called leaders and elected officials have only their re-elections and contributors to consider:TO HELL with the voters who depend on them to supposedly make decisions on our behalf.  The lies assaulting our common sense grow deeper each day-we seemingly can believe no one in office. As Wall Street continues to dictate our national policy, we are facing insurmountable deficits that seemingly doom our children and grandchildren to a life with very little in  the way of hope.

Perhaps the scariest scene on the horizon is the instability of several governments across the globe. I refer to those that have no regard for the sanctity of “life”, or the basic right of every human to have a reasonable chance of prosperity–or, at the the very least, a fair shot at survival with dignity.  The sheer numbers of those with the desire to engage their enemies with both chemical and nuclear weaponry should numb the soul and mind of anyone with any awareness of the current climate. These despots should become the primary objective for removal- if we are to at least have a chance at a peaceful tomorrow.

Thanks to all who make still drawing breath an exhilarating act, I am so blessed to have you in my life…. I pray we get to “do this” again… in 364 nites.

Happy New Year for my friends– I love you dearly–thanks for enriching my life!

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Newt Gingrich! Yup,  he is the runaway winner. There was a hotly contested race…until tonite, when, at yet another “GOP debate”, he uttered the ultimate in bombastically stupid observations; (when asked about the “Occupy” protests, he proclaimed) : “These people are camping in parks, and also use restrooms, that they did not pay for–so, I would say to them: ‘Get off your butts and get a JOB!’ ”

Somewhere I was led to believe that “Public” parks and restrooms are erected for use BY THE PUBLIC! I certainly understand that some of the people in these rallies are not attending to protest ANYTHING, that this minority is “mis-using” public facilities–because they are simply homeless, drug and alcohol addicted, mentally challenged etc., and use the “Occupy” movement as a place to find shelter, food, and camaraderie. As usual “the sins of a few are hurting” those who are protesting legitimately horrific conditions and policies currently happening throughout our society. I would also be aware that some of the protesters have exercised less than “civil” manners in both hygiene and respect for others…However, to emphatically assert that the answer to their collective gripe is as simple as “getting a job”, illustrates just how far Newt’s touch with reality has been disconnected!! Has Newt’s campaign staff updated the current unemployment percentages, or “clued him in” on the rate of mortgage foreclosures and personal bankruptcies?

Banks,  investment firms, oil conglomerates, Big Pharma, self-serving politicos, lobbyists, corrupt corporations feeding on the weak and disenfranchised–these, and countless other examples, are all legitimate targets of the “Occupy Movement” participants and supporters. For Newt to dispute the right of these citizens to gather and protest in “PUBLIC” facilities is WRONG–at EVERY LEVEL!!!

Apparently, according to current polls, Newt is a strong,  viable contender in the GOP’s attempt to unseat Obama in 2012. As much as I am critical of the current administration’s performance to date,  I am sickened at the thought of anyone-undeniably so far removed from the plight of more than 90% of our citizens, possibly occupying that nice house at “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue”.

As communities across the planet simmer from both hunger, disease, and unrest, choke in the smoke of hatred resulting from abject racism, and begin to disintegrate from massive  frustration, are we Americans–that ultimate light “shining at the end of the tunnel” for the rest of our weary, stressed planet…are we going, to invest our collective futures, blindly pledge allegiance,– and then,  fall in line,  behind the” leadership” and doctrines of a guy named “NEWT”????? Please stop—- right now, consider your children—AND PRAY:

God save us all….

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“Them’s Fightin’ Words Pardner!!”

I don’t smoke marijuana. Used to, a few decades back, but, with a nasty lung condition, it’s not in my best interest to ingest smoke of any kind! So I don’t “have a dog in this fight”, on a personal level. I am nonetheless, absolutely mortified at the audacity of the Internal Revenue Service (an agency with no legal right to exist), to deny legitimate tax write-offs for state licensed medical cannabis outlets in California. Citing violation of “federal statutes”, the IRS isn’t allowing these dispensaries to take tax deductions, ( like any other business) for expenses like “payroll”, “security”, or “rent”–effectively putting these folks out of business.

There is mounting evidence that the benefits of this herb for pain relief, appetite improvement for chemotherapy patients-allowing them to get adequate nutrition, and myriad other medical positives  far outweigh any “down side”.  It is impossible to put a number on those who have found this weed to be a solution to improving their quality of day to day life.

For a century, those who have chosen to use this drug as their “recreational” choice, have faced persecution and prosecution, simply because the politicians in D.C. have yet to figure out a way to fairly regulate, and turn the ensuing tax proceeds into a source of additional income for our national coffers. Instead of treating pot like alcohol and tobacco, we have demonized and criminalized it’s use and possession-wasting untold billions of tax dollars of potential income for the U.S. Meanwhile, citizens from every walk of life, along with politicians and lawmakers, sip scotch, flaunt their Marlboro’s,  and puff on cigars with no legal repercussions.

Because Big Pharma has encountered a situation that provides an alternative, or “herbal answer” for some conditions- (instead of forcing everyone with a medical need, like glaucoma, to be subjected to purchasing chemical/artificial compounds they produce and control), these  monopolies would deny access to all. All this- despite the obvious benefit to untold thousands of patients who can’t tolerate their commercially produced pharmaceutical drugs. Lobbyists from the largest drug companies bombard lawmakers daily to ensure that legal marijuana remains merely a “pipe dream”…and should pot ever become available legally, you can bet these same companies will somehow figure a way to try to gain control of “the supply-chain”!

Colorado recently was able to overcome a shortfall in state public school budgets by tapping a fund created solely from proceeds of regulating, taxing, and registering medical pot outlets. They used over 9 million “pot-tax” dollars (from a 21 million dollar fund) to make sure every public school had the staff and equipment necessary to properly educate all students in the state! I don’t believe it to be a massive stretch to see the potential benefit to EVERY state by adopting similar regulatory policies.

We learned the hard way during the 1920’s and ’30’s, that “prohibition” does NOT work. California (like most EVERY state in the country), faces dire budget shortfalls in the foreseeable years, and this action by a dubious government “agency”, has put further restraints on a source of potential funds benefiting the entire state. In addition, countless patients are going to face a future full of needless suffering and possible prosecution for pursuing a course of pain management, glaucoma relief, and appetite enhancement while undergoing chemo treatments.

I don’t use the stuff-but, I DO see the obvious benefit of allowing the free market to function-decriminalize, regulate, register, and tax fairly this herbal alternative! Instead of the massive waste of tax dollars prosecuting the industry,  and clogging our criminal justice system, use the collected fees to make our entire country safer and more fiscally prosperous.

A friend of mine that has stage- four liver cancer,  has a legitimate prescription for pot, while he undergoes chemotherapy. He asked me the other day: “Why do they keep wasting my tax dollars to protect me–from ME?”….GOOD question, eh?

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