Unfortunate “holiday”

Wow…my very first blog post! Haven’t even designed a page layout-probably cuz, I’m not really sure “how to” do that skill yet! If you spend any time following my comings and goings on this site, you’ll quickly understand that, at this point in life, I am undoubtably one of the MOST seriously “techno-challenged” humans in any civilized and moderately developed society. That I don’t crash my computer on a semi-regular basis, is one of the great wonders of my life.

Believe it or not, I actually have a “topic” for today’s blistering start of my blogging adventure…”Memorial Day”. I have watched these past days, as various gatherings covered by the media, have focused on a variety of ‘celebrations”-all with the singular purpose of honoring our fallen military members, who paid “the ultimate price” to preserve liberty and “The American Way”. I absolutely hold these heroes in reverent memory, and I write this not to desecrate their memory or       incredibly brave actions–I write because I so deeply wish we did not have to even consider holding this time of mourning, disguised as some sort of reason for a picnic!

Essentially, I (idealistically) continue to pray and hope for the day when humanity reaches the point where continuing to senselessly slaughter one another, is NOT the “go to” option, when settling our differences. Revolutionary and visionary, right? I realize I am bucking the prevailing conflict paradigm, but I continue to seriously believe my suggestion of selecting “non-violent” actions and strategies to help us all “play nice” with each other is a timely and worthy consideration.

The famous definition of “insanity” applies here!~ (“If you keep take the same action expecting different results=insanity”). For all of recorded history, the number one “problem-solving” technique applied, when disagreeing with another, is to murder each other–and “THE MORE, THE MERRIER”!!  Considering this approach has been applied countless times thru the eons of history, with very bloody, consistently- predictitable failure, I propose we try SOMETHING REALLY DIFFERENT!  I understand that conventional wisdom claims that “there is no profit in peace”–consider this:  the potential return of not having to continue to this incredibly sad “holiday”, and it’s constant reminder of our futile attempts to ‘get along”, is truly all the “profit” we need!

(All I am saying…”is give peace a chance”…)


About k4kris

Retired radio broadcast pro Volunteer CASA-Kitsap County Juvenile Courts
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