Summer and Weekend in Synch

   Living in the Northwest for my entire life, I’ve witnessed a fair share of “late starts” for blue skies and temps above 70…today, having the clearing and warmth arrive just in time for a N.W. weekend–well, let me just say, it’s worth the wait. A quick check of my “depression” meter, shows it barely registering! There is something so emotionally healing that accompanies a rise in the ambient temperature…with the next two days predicted to flirt with 80 degrees, I am looking forward to my spirit soaring parallel with the mercury!

   I truly am trusting that this obvious upturn in attitude will continue, and I will grow in hope, spirit, and creativity. Digging out of the pit of depression won’t happen instantly-but then, it took years to hit the bottom of that hole of despair. Already I’m noticing that my “idea-generator” has begun to almost purr, as it springs back to life. I have a couple vague ideas of possible income-producing projects, but the details are still a bit fuzzy…the point is, I have begun the process.

   I believe that resuming the “journey”, will at least give me a chance to actually find my destination…


About k4kris

Retired radio broadcast pro Volunteer CASA-Kitsap County Juvenile Courts
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