It almost shouldn’t be worth mentioning–but the shame-filled, teary-eyed “confession” of Congressman Anthony Weiner today is dominating the news cycle for this first Monday in June. With SO MANY more newsworthy events dotting the world’s landscape, the only reason I give it any notice, is that, once again, we Americans are so willingly sucked into a sleazy, wormy, elected official’s obvious lack of anything resembling character or positive ethical behavior. I am thankful that I am not in his district, but I am still affected (as are you),by having a representative, duly elected, totally betray the public trust.

As any red blooded resident of contemporary Europe will testify–Weiners’ bone-headed actions (sending salacious photos to someone not his spouse) are fairly mundane-juvenile to be sure, but certainly not rising to the level of offensive behavior that is anything beyond macho boorishness. Our American obsession with Puritanical righteous guidelines are truly overly conservative, to be sure. The problem here isn’t that a guy titillated the public or a fawning coed with risqué views of his unimpressive “junk”–the problem is that, when faced down by the press to “come clean”, he flat-out betrayed the trust of everyone, and the sanctity of his political and marriage vows, by deliberately trying to pull off a blatant denial and LIE!!

In conclusion, Rep Weiner: Get off the stage, resign from the U.S. House in well-deserved shame, and allow the public to again try to regain some trust in the officials we elect to govern, not to imitate soft-core porn stars!! Most of all, please go quietly into private life, with your CLOTHES ON!! 

With that said, I truly enjoyed practicing my “short-game” at Rolling Hill Golf Course this afternoon after water aerobics! So there!


About k4kris

Retired radio broadcast pro Volunteer CASA-Kitsap County Juvenile Courts
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