Today in OUR World…

(First…”thank you” to all who have chosen to subscribe to this blog…my hope is to generate an exchange of thoughts, dreams, and observations. Invite your friends to join us)  BTW, 48 hours ago it was sunny and 74 degrees–today is cloudy and 54 degrees!  PLEASE…give us 3 CONSECUTIVE days of sunshine, PLEASE!

   I have a rather unique ability to spend (too much?) time combing  thru daily news sources, current events, and other information media. Because of my illness, (and financial constraints) I’ve been forced to spend many of my days in solitude, and needing to create my own “entertainment”. All the years in broadcasting have instilled a constant hunger to stay up to date on current events, and the people behind them. In just the past two hours, I’ve had my mind “land” on some interesting “Signs of the Times…”

1) My first recollection of a commercial for “The Gerber Baby Grow-up Plan”, was an offer to provide a life insurance policy, or money for the child’s education, for only $1 to start and $5 monthly thereafter. Today’s same pitch, is a policy starting at $10 WEEKLY!  No wonder today’s new parents quiver at the thought of college! Hopefully, young families will find SOME way to install a “rainy day” fund in their budget-and grow it faithfully–for whatever the future brings…

2)The Chinese city of Shanghai, currently, is nearly 9 (NINE!) times larger than New York City. Conventional methods of travel require nearly a full day to criss-cross the entire city! (and we have the audacity to bitch about Seattle’s “Mercer Mess”-or the crawl on I-5 from the Tacoma Dome to Lakewood–please!)

3)Saudi Arabia’s rulers (dictators, in reality) announced today, that they plan to launch an attack on protesters demanding freedom from oppression. That  the world’s largest supplier of oil is threatening to slaughter its own citizens is tantamount to sanctioning murder on innocent residents, who simply want what the free world takes for granted every day! I believe that how the U.S. chooses to react to this atrocity by a very shaky “ally” will be one of the great game-changers in Middle East relations (and prices at the pump!) for decades to come. Do we dare stomp down on these brutal actions-and risk a severe cut-off of the crude that we can’t stop our thirst for?  “Human Rights vs. Free-Flowing Oil”–it’s potentially one of the all-time great showdowns in world history.

   Today’s musings are an example that not everyday produces a focused topic to rant or comment on…sometimes the best part of a day is simply that it’s fun to be a “Mariner Fan” again. These past couple of weeks have re-kindled the “Spirit of ’95”–see, in a simple life,  it’s pretty easy to find some source  for joy! P.S.Go Canucks                                                                                            





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Retired radio broadcast pro Volunteer CASA-Kitsap County Juvenile Courts
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