*Advisory* This posting may have limited appeal…the motive behind its creation is having watched nearly every game of the WOMENS NCAA Basketball, and the just -concluded Women’s Softball tournament (a lightly spectated sport, but a shining example of HOW FAR female-based competitive sports, including golf (LPGA) have established themselves in previously male-dominated territories). Combine this with the sterling examples of UCON, ( the Uof C Husky women establishing the ALL-TIME record for both men and women’s  consecutive victories in NCAA basketball!)  Stanford, and Tennessee’s women’s basketball programs  displayed this past season. Far as I can tell, the ONLY thing negative about the Women’s NCAA Softball Championship? It’s over…bummer! What a decisive and convincing performance by the obvious and deserving #1 seed ASU–they absolutely DOMINATED the final round-sweeping the fine, talent-laden Florida LadyGators-after demolishing every team they faced in the preliminaries…It was such a pleasure to be a fan during the tourney & I believe the character-building experience for most of these players will take them far–in whatever they pursue in life.

     The true tragedy of Women’s Softball is this: they will no longer be contested in the Olympic Games. With the exception of Japans surprising upset of the U.S. in 2008, the USA domination of the sport ultimately spelled its’ demise on an international stage. Unfortunately, eliminating softball from the Olympic forum was premature, as the IOC nixed the sport because the U.S. was “untouchable’. Now the level of skill on international teams has risen to the point, that the USA is not a “lock” for gold medals, necessarily…I just think it a shameful loss that these uber-talented college girls have so few options to continue to play at a higher level!

     Certainly this sport won’t draw anything near to its hardball professional equivalent, but a well-constructed league, featuring the NCAA-graduated star players recently showcased in NCAA World Series, plus standouts from “regional tournaments” could be a viable business venture. I personally don’t know a single baseball fan, that has actually invested a little viewing time in the Women’s NCAA or Olympic competition in recent years, that hasn’t, on some level, been impressed with the quality of athleticism displayed! Plus…it’s just a downright exciting game, overall!

     Wow…I just realized that this intended brief comment has turned into a full-fledged RANT! Ah, what the hell else did I need to do??

Female athletic players and fans: YOU ROCK!!! Grandparents, parents,. and coaches of these women: ENCOURAGE them! After all, despite James Brown’s opinion in song– to the contrary–IT IS NOT “A MAN’S WORLD” anymore…thank God!

*Disclaimer: Warned ya this blog would feature diversity…Peace, out.



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Retired radio broadcast pro Volunteer CASA-Kitsap County Juvenile Courts
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