“Everyone Lies in a Sex-Scandal”.

     Yup. I said it-so there! Really, I didn’t say it, the statement is a quote from “Weiner-gate”, uttered by Congressman Anthony Weiner’s former love interest from a decade ago. What I find most disturbing, is that this proclamation is alarmingly accurate-especially when the scandal involves an elected official. In an earlier posting, I kinda vowed to not give this jerk-off any more attention-but evolving circumstances require a bit more ink.

     The following statement/question has once again been raised for all of us: “How long will we allow duly elected persons to flaunt the laws of ethical civility?” Repeatedly (and increasing during this past decade), we have been “treated” to the public “disrobing” of another sex-fueled, sordid politico? While Europeans collectively sniff in indignation at our “Puritanical over-reaction to men being men”, I submit that it isn’t the juvenile, selfish behavior–it’s the unfailing lies we are subjected to, in it’s aftermath. What anyone, in or out of marriage, chooses to do with another consenting adult, is really not the problem–our “problem” is that we are subjected to an endless parade of attempts to avoid consequences resulting from questionable behaviors.

   We the people, have allowed these professional policy-makers to live in a protected bubble, where they have somehow deluded themselves into believing that the position they were elected to, comes with a blanket of protection from the truth! Most offending politicians go about their dubious “undercover” affairs, believing that those of us paying their bloated salary/benefit packages, are either clueless, or just plain ignorant. When literally caught “with their pants down”, it’s a safe bet that the next words uttered in front of a microphone, will contain NOTHING resembling the facts. For good measure, that lie will be compounded by another falsehood, and so, on it goes.

   Because almost every elected official is a “bought and paid-for” official ( Thanks to our Supreme Court for allowing private sector and special-interest financing of elections!), the system is flawed to its very foundation. How can we expect accountability in the private actions of politicians, especially after we accept the fact that they wouldn’t be where they are-except by learning to “say anything” in order to benefit those who funded their campaigns in the first place?

    You and I expect the truth from our physicians, clergy, friends, children, spouses, and everyone else with an impact on our lives. Why can’t we DEMAND and thus RECEIVE HONESTY from politicians?

…remember, they work for us!

(P.S. offer a prayer for Huma Weiner. This loving wife, and her unborn child, don’t deserve to be smothered by the shame her husband owns!)


About k4kris

Retired radio broadcast pro Volunteer CASA-Kitsap County Juvenile Courts
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