I am feeling some shame today…

   Me? I’m a person that considers himself a “functional compassionist” (made that up right here!). What I’m trying to indicate is that I try, with slightly reserved gusto, to champion the fight of those with no voice, or power, over most of their  lives. At the very least, these are folks who haven’t figured out the whole “self-empowerment” thing. The starving, diseased, raped, pillaged, disenfranchised, homeless, and the just plain down-trodden.

   Today’s shame and wounded heart are the direct result of allowing myself to be swept along, with most everyone I know, into the latest river of slime that has dominated the news headlines and cycles these past 10 days.

    I wish to apologize for wasting your time with Weiner’s weener waste. While tens of thousands within our borders, fight to face Mother Nature’s daily temper tantrums, (including the biggest damn forest fire I can remember, along with searing, killer heat-with flooding thru the heartland), we allow our collective attention to again be diverted to the seriously meaningless lies that again spew forth from the capital campuses across America.

    Today, by total chance, I stumbled onto a blog authored by a terminally ill 15-year-old girl in the U.K.  Her thoughts centered on her “bucket list” of things she desperately hopes to experience, in what’s left of her life.  How much does this precious wordsmith give any kinda damn about the foolishness of a supposed grown  man flaunting his tidy whities…She didn’t say so, but I gotta believe, she’d like to see an equal amount of media attention and energy directed to finding a cure for the cruel thing that is hell-bent on taking her life!

     I’m seriously attempting to not fall into these traps, these mental minefields laid by tabloid (and some main-stream media members) sensationalists,  those stories that take our eyes and energies away from things that DO have importance.

    UNAVOIDABLE TRUTH: Until we stop paying attention to these media maggots, they will keep our focus diverted from anything meaningful!







About k4kris

Retired radio broadcast pro Volunteer CASA-Kitsap County Juvenile Courts
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2 Responses to MY BAD-(REALLY)

  1. Gail Morris says:

    This is your best post ever.
    Acknowledging the life of a dying child will certainly put things in perspective.
    It is a humbling experience, and yet necessary to keep ourselves in check as to what REALLY matters in life.
    All of us come to this point from time to time.
    With kindest affections, Gail

    • k4kris says:

      Thanks for the kind note…”kid’s in trouble” stories are indeed a motivator to take the high road.

      “Have some fun…cuz it’s good for ya” “Friendship is reflected by those who have entered your life–and NEVER left your side”(me2010)

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