SNEAKY Bastards, aren’t they?

   Gonna bet that, like me, most of you have been quietly noticing (and cautiously rejoicing) that we are paying about $.20 a gallon less at our local gas pump. The JOY! The problem is that, while today’s price has dropped a bit, our pals at OPEC decided NOT to increase production in their sandbox.( Wholesale oil prices in excess of $100 a barrel generally translate of pump prices near $4 for us! )

   While or national attention has been captivated, diverted, and smugly amused by the antics of Weiner, Edwards, and the “Govenator”- wholesale oil prices are again north of $105 barrel,  the housing market is dead, the economy is hightailing it south, and Wall Street has experienced yet another huge negative “correction”. Translation: WE ARE BEING “DISTRACTED” TO DESTRUCTION! To continue to wonder IF we are being manipulated by unseen forces hellbent on further separation of economic classes, is pure insanity. While we continue to be dazzled by the latest “shiny, new gadget”, or torn off- course with “breaking news” involving a celebrity or politico’s inappropriate behaviors, we continue to roll downhill in a pilotless wagon train. For now, the obvious distraction tactics are fooling the majority of Americans into a false sense of being “entertained” by these repeated outrageous performances….

   It’s time for us all to cancel our season tickets to this “magic show”!




About k4kris

Retired radio broadcast pro Volunteer CASA-Kitsap County Juvenile Courts
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