Gotta find the “UPSIDE”…

            I’ve recently written from a pessimistic point of view. Not this time. Here’s some stuff I DO like:

  1. BIG juicy peaches (at $.79/lb)
  2. Girls (especially “women” girls!)
  3. William Jefferson Clinton
  4. Beatles
  5. Kids playin’ ball
  6. Products I actually like–on sale
  7. Green traffic signals
  8. grass-right after it’s mowed
  9. Golf
  10. The breeze at a beautiful beach
  11. Driving to a cool spot
  12. Hippies
  13. Aroma of a roasting turkey
  14. Cheddar cheese on anything
  15. Peace
  16. Swimming
  17. Being in love
  18. Ferry rides
  19. Warm & gooey cinnamon rolls
  20. Holding hands
  21. Feelin’ “IT”!
  22. Killer guitar licks
  23. Eagles in flight
  24. Chivalry
  25. Stormy nights
  26. Golden retrievers
  27. Cheering
  28. Sleeping in
  29. Being properly kissed
  30. A GREAT story     

There is other stuff, but I’ll save ’em for later….


About k4kris

Retired radio broadcast pro Volunteer CASA-Kitsap County Juvenile Courts
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