Call the Fire Department!!

Look. I’m not tryin’ to throw accelerant on the already well-established unemployment fires, but…I experienced properly reserved joy, as I listened to the Prez announce that we would, very soon, be bringing our troops in Afghanistan, home for turkey dinner–at a table in  their own house! This is awesome news, right? Well..

I think we can agree that unemployment figures land somewhere north of 10%, in most of the country. I’m beginning to think that part of the reason we, as a country, seem to be so eager to join in conflicts across the globe, is that warfare provides some jobs, for folks who might otherwise be raising those already abysmal numbers of job-seekers. A significant percentage of military personnel, are “citizen soldiers”-members of our fine National Guard contingent. You see this comin’, right?…

What the hell are we going to do with tens of thousands of returning, job-deserving, veterans-many of whom are entitled to return to whatever job they were jerked out of when they were called to service? Combine these totals to the continuing number of returning troops from Iraq, and we need to get this economy “fired-up” with some job opportunities. It’s gonna be kinda rough to explain to a person returning from protecting our freedom that “sorry, we ain’t takin’ applications right now”.

 Here’s an idea:  Maybe using the 2 BILLION DOLLARS A WEEK, currently evaporating  in Afghanistan, to start rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure just might be a great place to start.


About k4kris

Retired radio broadcast pro Volunteer CASA-Kitsap County Juvenile Courts
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