Kinda Bummed Out

   Today was a day I never expected to see. Today, MY President announced to the world, that partisan politics are of greater importance than human life. He flatly stated, that without an agreement before August 2nd, 2011,(raising the US debt ceiling), he could not assure us that Social Security, disability, or military pay will continue. The devastation I feel isn’t in the announcement-it is the fact that I have absolutely no way to avoid the outcome. I can only wonder how many countless millions are sharing my fears?

    My situation is unique only in the precise set of circumstances that landed me in such a precarious position. The combination of injuries from a horrendous auto accident, combined with my current battle against two separate terminal illnesses, have  left me defenseless. I don’t have the strength, or the resources,  to “live on the street”-yet, that is exactly where I will land if I can’t pay rent next month. I have enough food to hold out for a month or so…and I am just one.

    If you’ve read this far, thanks for trying to understand the situation we face. I would ask just this one thing of any of you: PLEASE call, email, text, or tweet your elected Congressional representatives, to demand that they stand up for all of us. I know my request sounds “trite”, but I don’t know what else to do…

    If I am going to die for something, please don’t let that reason be the result of building more bombs, and the mega-billion dollar planes to deliver them. Don’t let us suffer while hundreds of billions are being squandered in the unwinnable “War on Drugs”. Can you truly live freely in a country where “Big Oil”, “Big Pharm”, and Wall Street banks aren’t required to pay an equitable share of the tax load? These are just the “obvious” changes to help us “balance the budget”-there are dozens of other glaring wastes, that if eliminated, would leave us all breathing lighter air.

   Since military pay is also tied to finding a solution to this mess, I’m wondering what that lonely soldier is feeling after today’s announcement. What “pride” they must have, knowing that the elected officials of the country they risk their very lives for, is on the brink of brushing aside the paycheck necessary to feed their families?  “Shameful” doesn’t even begin to describe the activities in D.C.

   Never did I imagine that suffering health challenges carried with it the “death penalty”.  I would give ANYTHING to be able to rise out of bed, get in my car, have a job to go to,  and work some overtime hours to better care for myself. I don’t have that option. I am TOTALLY at the mercy of those elected to protect me…and,  I am really scared!

    So far, my battle against illness is a draw, and I fight like hell every day for that life. I realize that someday I will lose my battle-but, eventually, so does everyone else. I just hate the idea of losing my life to a political game of  “chicken”.


About k4kris

Retired radio broadcast pro Volunteer CASA-Kitsap County Juvenile Courts
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