“The Wounds Were Self-Inflicted…”

At some point, we’ve all seen that description of an injury. The statement most assuredly applies to the results of slaughter that was the “debt crisis” debate. So, as we citizens express our outrage and disgust with the “Government”-aren’t we collectively denying our own culpability? As we throw barbs at “the other party”, and it’s representatives in Washington, ultimately, we need to look “inward”-and accept what WE THE PEOPLE have allowed to occur! The so-called solution (by the “government”) has left deep and open wounds throughout our land–threatening to prevent any kind of healing between us.

“The Government” is us!! We are the ones, who, thru our vote (or our apathy by not voting) that must shoulder the responsibility of this “crisis”. On a fairly frequent basis, we have the opportunity to decide what path we will travel as a society. Generally, in recent years, some percentage south of 50% have actually exercised the voice each citizen owns in any given election. Trying to put the shameful actions by Congress on someone else’s plate is fundamentally irresponsible-and so very WRONG! We elected this dysfunctional group-we can UN-elect them!

The current office holders have managed to destroy our peace of mind, and replaced progress with widespread fear and panic-especially among those least capable of defending themselves. In the so-called “greatest nation” on this planet, we simply can’t accept abuse and  terrorism from those sent to lead us!

If we are ever to return sanity in our dealings as a government, we MUST take the initial steps of that journey by taking responsibility for the things we can control. Getting involved, at a local level-with neighbors and co-workers, building like-minded coalitions–because, this is where answers and change begin!

Throwing bricks from across the country, at a faceless entity has never built anything resembling a strong building. However, if we each take our brick, and join it together with other similar bricks, I truly believe we can plant a solid and firm foundation…on which TRUE CHANGE CAN STAND!

Please accept your responsibility, and ACT-for a  change…


About k4kris

Retired radio broadcast pro Volunteer CASA-Kitsap County Juvenile Courts
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One Response to “The Wounds Were Self-Inflicted…”

  1. Kathy Bellant says:

    Only 50% of eligible citizens vote? Shameful! Everyone has to get off their butts and stop being so complacent, we need an uprising. Vote and know who you’re voting for.

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