What are we DOIN’???

Today, it was announced by Western State Hospital (the state’s largest mental health institution), that-because of budget cutbacks-they are seriously considering RELEASING into our general population 100-200 patients suffering from dementia-and laying off a similar number of staff!!!!! On what planet does this extremely dangerous move gain the light of day??

The bottom line reason these patients live at Western State, is that they are prone to committing acts that are unsafe, unsanitary, and dangerous to conventional caregivers. They are not safe residents of a nursing home, relative-caregivers, or for in the homes of their families-therefore, they have been forced into the extreme step of incarceration at a mental hospital.

Seriously, to turn these people out-onto our streets, with no family or home to land in, is absolute lunacy on the very part of society that can stop this madness. As budget cuts become the “norm”…we had best think carefully about the “big picture”! With  a minimum of public discussion, we are about to absorb a very dangerous group of mental health patients into OUR neighborhoods-where our children and loved ones WILL encounter them at some time…are YOU ready?


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Retired radio broadcast pro Volunteer CASA-Kitsap County Juvenile Courts
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One Response to What are we DOIN’???

  1. Len Rodgers says:

    On what planet does this extremely dangerous move gain the light of day??
    On the planet where illegals use emergency rooms like a first aide kit and then skip out (or just can’t pay) on the bill. The planet where the government (the one you are so in love with) throws around unfunded mandates like the Dems throw racism accusations. The planet where even hospitals have to meet a bottom line. The planet where people should spend their own money, not mine, for their healthcare. I don’t wanna see the sicko’s released either, but I am tired of paying for their upkeep. Sorry, but I have my own obligations to meet, and since I am a white male conservative, I get no help from said govt. I also owe over 300,000 in medical bills and I am NOT declaring bankruptcy. I intend to pay on these bills until I die, and then my estate will either make up the difference or the world can kiss my dead ass.

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