Newt Gingrich! Yup,  he is the runaway winner. There was a hotly contested race…until tonite, when, at yet another “GOP debate”, he uttered the ultimate in bombastically stupid observations; (when asked about the “Occupy” protests, he proclaimed) : “These people are camping in parks, and also use restrooms, that they did not pay for–so, I would say to them: ‘Get off your butts and get a JOB!’ ”

Somewhere I was led to believe that “Public” parks and restrooms are erected for use BY THE PUBLIC! I certainly understand that some of the people in these rallies are not attending to protest ANYTHING, that this minority is “mis-using” public facilities–because they are simply homeless, drug and alcohol addicted, mentally challenged etc., and use the “Occupy” movement as a place to find shelter, food, and camaraderie. As usual “the sins of a few are hurting” those who are protesting legitimately horrific conditions and policies currently happening throughout our society. I would also be aware that some of the protesters have exercised less than “civil” manners in both hygiene and respect for others…However, to emphatically assert that the answer to their collective gripe is as simple as “getting a job”, illustrates just how far Newt’s touch with reality has been disconnected!! Has Newt’s campaign staff updated the current unemployment percentages, or “clued him in” on the rate of mortgage foreclosures and personal bankruptcies?

Banks,  investment firms, oil conglomerates, Big Pharma, self-serving politicos, lobbyists, corrupt corporations feeding on the weak and disenfranchised–these, and countless other examples, are all legitimate targets of the “Occupy Movement” participants and supporters. For Newt to dispute the right of these citizens to gather and protest in “PUBLIC” facilities is WRONG–at EVERY LEVEL!!!

Apparently, according to current polls, Newt is a strong,  viable contender in the GOP’s attempt to unseat Obama in 2012. As much as I am critical of the current administration’s performance to date,  I am sickened at the thought of anyone-undeniably so far removed from the plight of more than 90% of our citizens, possibly occupying that nice house at “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue”.

As communities across the planet simmer from both hunger, disease, and unrest, choke in the smoke of hatred resulting from abject racism, and begin to disintegrate from massive  frustration, are we Americans–that ultimate light “shining at the end of the tunnel” for the rest of our weary, stressed planet…are we going, to invest our collective futures, blindly pledge allegiance,– and then,  fall in line,  behind the” leadership” and doctrines of a guy named “NEWT”????? Please stop—- right now, consider your children—AND PRAY:

God save us all….


About k4kris

Retired radio broadcast pro Volunteer CASA-Kitsap County Juvenile Courts
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