I Just Can’t Help but Say SOMETHING!!

I  know. I yak… too often–about too many things. I get that. However, there is a level of  behavior being loosely displayed lately, that prevents my continued silence. Behavior that, not only disgraces the folks doing it, bur reflects a kind of rotting stench on some pretty damn decent Americans.

Love  and respect-that is what I have to offer those who face scary, mind-bending danger daily, to insure my freedom to write this piece. A huge majority of service women and men are among the most honorable people sharing our air! There is an element, representing the U.S. on foreign soil, that is quickly eroding any positive measures gained by the hard workers trying to make a positive difference…

In the past recent months we have seen newspapers–worldwide, displaying ugly images of soldiers relieving themselves on corpses, burning Holy books, and displaying various body parts of the enemy-while posing in the background like some very successful deer hunters!

We, as a nation and individuals, need to ask ourselves….”are these incredible displays of disrespect a true indicator of our current societal values?”  If they are–God can’t save us.


About k4kris

Retired radio broadcast pro Volunteer CASA-Kitsap County Juvenile Courts
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3 Responses to I Just Can’t Help but Say SOMETHING!!

  1. pats0 says:

    yeah they are indicators of “our societal values”; they are the logical conclusions to acts that were, at their out-set, nothing more than blind-vengence-operations at best…and out and out bullying at worst…it is hard to imagine anything good coming from these pro-longed and abstract “wars”…and these individual actions will pale in comparison to the wars that provided a theater in which the actions could take place when we have a chance to view them through the cold, indifferent lense of historical perspective…one bright spot is that God can save us…depending upon what is meant by God, and save, and us.

  2. k4kris says:

    Thank you for your 4 cents worth..(2 cents–adjusted for inflation, your old “2 cents” just ain’t the same)!
    Now then…since we know He has already saved anyone askin’ for “it”…the closing phrase was just my solitary, wistful longing, that we “WAKE THE HELL UP, NOW”–and it’s a way better closing than “Gawd save the Queen” lol
    (I know it’s spittin’ upwind, but as my title stated, right upfront, mind you… “I have to say SOMETHING”) !!

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