I HAVE A REAL BRAIN (& sometimes I use it!!)

(The following text was a frustrated response to Mr Dick Morris–he just has the unfortunate timing of being the “political pundit’ I was reading when I “hit my breaking point”…I am no more disgusted with him, than any other idiot trying to do MY thinking!! The following is what my very own brain came up with regarding “debates” & other musings…)
           Cut the full-blown “crap-a-thon”, Dick! Strip away the metaphors, misleading “promises”, and most of all–the corporate talking head nightly “news” fiascos. What remains is an Illuminati-financed, power-sucking, ruthless shadow government

with a single goal…control of everything. To deny that a small group of very powerful financiers are “pulling ALL the strings”-worldwide, is leading to a coming environment of submission by the masses, cruel domination of everyday citizens– (thru manipulation of our medical, housing, food and water resources), and eventually we WILL succumb, as we desperately cling to memories of “what was”, and what we have squandered!The real choice isn’t Obama or Romney-they are puppets at best, the decision we need to make EVERY DAY is the one where we refuse to surrender any more of our hard-fought rights and freedoms, paid for by those who would settle for nothing less!
I am not going to “spend the evening” with you (Dick Morris) constantly yammering your opinion during the debate. I have a mind of my own, and am intelligent enough to understand what’s behind the lies coming from both candidates (and their puppeteer). I do not want, or need, Dick Morris’ “interpretations’–I will THINK FOR MYSELF!
Maybe the REAL problem today is lazy folks allowing “experts” to “guide them” to “proper thinkin’ “. Is it any wonder we are losing our country? We are CONSTANTLY giving away our most precious right–the RIGHT to THINK FREELY & for ourselves! We ARE running out of precious time and choices about the future of the planet and the world our kids are doomed to dwell in.
                            I am not a sheep-for me, it stops here and NOW!
(PS Anyone wishing to continue this discourse? I’m very reachable on FB).
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Retired radio broadcast pro Volunteer CASA-Kitsap County Juvenile Courts
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2 Responses to I HAVE A REAL BRAIN (& sometimes I use it!!)

  1. Gail Morris says:

    Well written. Sometimes I just want to scream………OPEN YOUR EYES, EARS, AND MOUTH. That is what they were given to us for.

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