THIS, my friends, is IT!!!

The following dream haunts me nite after nite…

Therefore, I write this posting to establish a verifiable source of my “prediction” for the outcome of the 2012 Presidential “election”–(“election” … a euphemistic reference, for what passes as a democratic process to choose our next President….TOTAL B.S., but hey, it’s what’s happening–despite the assault on our collective logical thinking processes!!)   Also,  I do this because I am NOT betting on me personally being alive to witness yet another fiasco in 2016!!)

Outcome: “Mexicali Mitt” edges past Barry Hussein Obama in total votes cast…However, Barack is declared the ultimate winner–based on the narrowest of “Electoral College” totals…and “The RIGHT” is furious!!

GOP members of Congress refuse to cooperate with their “blue” brethren & sistahs, thus setting in motion,  the greatest GRIDLOCK ever, in both the House and Senate.

The USA is now effectively “stuck in place”, leading starving, frustrated, and hostile hordes, that rely on government assistance to survive, to descend on the nation’s capital , where National Guard troops will try to establish–(thru military suppression)–some semblance of social order. Forced to fire on their fellow citizens, troops leave the ranks, joining dissidents, demanding effective action from Congress and the White House…no agreements continue the deadlock.

So my friends…”save” this file somewhere in your documents….it should be amusing  to remember the rantings of your “crazy friend”.


About k4kris

Retired radio broadcast pro Volunteer CASA-Kitsap County Juvenile Courts
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